it takes 2 to tango

My girl bunny boo always knows whats up and this is the same story from her perspective x give her blog a read and stay tuned 😉


‘it takes 2 to tango’ my girl Angel always says, but even though it takes two only one will get the blame. I was expelled from my school just recently and I am going to tell you all the juicy details of how and why.

After a weekend with my girls, it was Sunday night and Angel was copping heat from a bitch. Angel messaged Coolcat, Prettyprincess & I. Of course, we messaged this bitch, we protect each other in our group. It’s just true friendship. As I was messaging this girl and telling her to stop messing with my girl she felt the need to bring personal things into the conversation. If you guys didn’t know the only way I know how to deal with these things is through fighting. You know Bunnyboo, feisty as always. Anyways I blocked the girl online, but the next day at school is…

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